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Command Conquer Remastered Collection

I was vaguely aware that this game was being remastered. I didn’t keep tabs on it at all. I was cruising through steam recently and saw it, remembered and had to buy it. Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn was the first game I ever bought myself on CD-ROM. I had to sell all my buildings and build as many troops as I could in a last-ditch effort to destroy the remaining buildings in the NOD base.

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Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter

I just finished up this book and damn, I really enjoyed it. It was a really interesting read to get some insight into how Curtis’ mind works. A lot of the concepts and ideas that he shared are the same concepts and ideas that you find in a lot of books around leadership, but communicated in a way that I found really easy to relate to in a way, the text wasn’t boring or dry.

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Halt and Catch Fire Season 01

Gordon, Cameron, and Joe looking at what's happening. - thetvdb.com Sat down last week with my brother and watched season 1 of Halt and Catch Fire over a few days. Lots of drama, I would say, overly dramatic. I’m not even sure that I like any of the characters, except maybe Yo-Yo. I really like the story and all that but the characters are just so extreme 😂.

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Guns Akimbo (2019)

Watched the movie Guns Akimbo last night. So much fun! Daniel Radcliffe but he has guns instead of a wand - The Movie Database (TMDB) Guns Akimbo is a New Zealand film about Daniel Radcliffe who finds himself forced to fight a gladiator-like battle for a dark and violent website that streams death matches for its viewers. Miles is put up against heavily armed Nix against his will and ends up having to save his kidnapped ex-girlfriend.

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No One Mourns the Wicked

No One Mourns The Wicked - BigGhostLimited/Bandcamp No One Mourns The Wicked dropped yesterday. This is the second time that Conway and Big Ghost have linked up and dropped 🔥, the first being Griselda Ghost alongside Westside Gunn. Griselda Ghost was my first introduction to Griselda after being a long time follower of Big Ghosts’ hilarious writings on the Internet. Big Ghost started out parodying Ghostface Killah.

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The Wolf of Sparta

Alert Level: Two Day: 52 I’ve been playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey over the last couple of weeks. I’m really enjoying it. My rig can run it without breaking a sweat, and it looks stunning at 144hz. Straight flexing above Pagai in Megaris - fLaMEd I picked this game up maybe last year as it was on sale. It was a Uplay key rather than a Steam key.

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Just Finished Ozark

Alert Level: Three Day: 49 So I just finished up season 3 of Ozark. Damn what an ending, I was not expecting that. Calling this show intense is an understatement. “Today is our beginning.” - Omar Navarro I guess this means there’s definitely going to be a season 4 right? Can’t wait.

Ahead of the Curve

Alert Level: Three Day: 41 For the second day in a row, New Zealand has recorded no new cases or deaths related to Covid-19. “Having zero new cases of Covid-19 to report for a second day in a row is very encouraging and all New Zealanders should feel pleased with their efforts,” Dr Bloomfield said. Another week at Level 3 and we’ll see if we can progress to Level 2.

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Alert Level 3 Day 1 in Review

Alert Level: Three Day: 34 I have no idea whether this is day 34 or 35 of the lockdown but I’m sticking with 34. We played around with the idea of takeaways yesterday but decided against as we had food to cook at home. Hah, seems like we were the only household that didn’t rush out and spend all day in lines 😂 Kiwis frothing for Maccas Eastgate, Christchurch - ALDEN WILLIAMS/STUFF Kiwis frothing for KFC in Christchurch- ALDEN WILLIAMS/STUFF Kiwis getting their Maccas fix in Napier - John Cowpland / Alphapix KFC Hamilton awwww yeah - STUFF Maccas East Gate - CHRIS SKELTON/STUFF Maccas Quay St Auckland - STUFF I didn’t realise how hungry everyone was!

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Last Day of Alert Level 4

Alert Level: Four Day: 32 Today marks the last day of living under alert level 4. Tomorrow we downgrade to alert level 3, which is much the same as alert level 4 but with a few more businesses being able to operate contactless. Looking forward to supporting a friends take out joint. Not looking forward to the madness that consumes the nation as take out joints return to operation. I experienced a bit of frustration this morning where I just felt tired about everything.

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Hide the Cookware in the Kitchen Cabinet

Alert Level: Four Day: 28 I think that I’m currently at the acceptance stage of this global situation. The news that we’re moving to Alert Level 3 and the comments that it’s just Alert Level 4 with KFC is hilarious to me. Seriously, I can’t wait to order some takeout. The situation at my place isn’t going to change much. We’re going to be working from home for the next n months, even if we dip into Alert Level 2.

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Lockdown Extended

Alert Level: Four Day: 25 Sounds like we’ve been doing well with stopping the spread of Covid-19. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced the level 4 lockdown will be extended five days to 11.59pm on Monday 27 April. Once we drop to level 3, we will remain there for 2 weeks before the next review. I’m happy to see that certain businesses will be able to start preparing to operate again.

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George Bondo

Alert Level: Four Day: 23 Listend to the album a few times now. George Bondo is my favourite track. Can’t go past a Griselda posse cut. Not much happening Covid-19 wise. A few more confirmed cases, no new deaths. Had an issue free supermarket visit this morning, was too early for cooked chickens though. My local comic book shop reached out and they’re getting ready for Alert Level 3 so I’m getting myself ready to support them!

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Pray for Paris

Alert Level: Four Day: 22 I’ve been hitting refresh all day waiting for Westside Gunn - Pray For Paris to drop. It finally hit at 4pm and I am loving the first listen through. I’ve added it to the top of my playlist This Is: Griselda Records, go give it a listen and a follow. This is the type of rap music I like. Also the JBP Boys are back. I sure missed them the last week and a half 😂

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Remember the Words You Told Me

Alert Level: Four Day: 21 love me till the day i die The country continues to trend in the right direction. Some people are now complaining of over reaction. I think the only reaction in this case was an over reaction, this is why we’re in the position where are in today! We are already making plans for dropping down to level 3! Come on!. Have been messaging my barber recently as my hair is long.

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I got big dawg status, it ain’t no secret

Alert Level: Four Day: 20 What’s happening? King’s Dead makes a comeback thanks to TikTok. Lol. None of these beat Lenarr’s class when future was recording “Kings Dead”. Stay safe, stay clean 😷

Peak Week

Alert Level: Four Day: 19 Not much tonight. Easter holiday road death toll is officially zero! Covid though, up to 9. Condolances to those affected. More cases on the rise. Photo: RNZ Government starting to think about what post alert level four looks like. Tried a different supermarket this morning and got the rest of what we needed. Back to cooking inspired dinners, have the rest of the week planned.

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Went to the Supermarket

Alert Level: Four Day: 18 As I wasn’t working today I ventured out of the neighbourhood and down to the supermarket this afternoon. It was a relatively eventless adventure and no queuing or waiting to get into the store. It was jarring to see the empty shelves throughout the store. While I managed to get almost everything we needed it’s crazy to me to think that this would ever be the situation, wow!

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Chill Easter Sunday During Covid 19

Alert Level: Four Day: 17 It’s been a pretty chill day up here for us. The wind was out and that kept people indoors giving us some distraction-free 🐩 walks around the neighbourhood. The only news media I read today was from Radio New Zealand: Another drop in new confirmed and probable cases. No new deaths, more recoveries, but expecting more deaths in the days to come. Photo: RNZ It’s semi re-assuring that while the world seems to be getting worse, here in New Zealand we are in a pretty good position.

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It's Wild Out There

Alert Level: Four Day: 17 Every Saturday I visit my grandma at her retirement home. Every weekend I bring her supplies or treats that she looks forward to every week. Fresh grapes, the TV Guide, brandy, ginger nuts, cheezels… During this pandemic, the TV Guide is no longer in print, and I’m not sure if it’s going to carry on as I think it may be part of Bauer Media New Zealand that announced that it’s closing its business.

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Covid-19 Mid Lockdown Retrospective

Alert Level: Four Day: 16 Today, Good Friday is day 16 for New Zealand’s alert level four lockdown to cut the spread of Covid-19. I’ve been thinking a lot today about how my thoughts have changed since I first started contemplating this whole thing barely 2 weeks ago. It seems like so much longer. Like the rest of the country, while we’ve seen great success with the actions of our Government and society as a whole, I feel myself become more relaxed with the situation.

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I Can't Wait for the Weekend to Begin

Alert Level: Four Day: 15 Yo, it’s the last day of work for the week and we’re in for a 4 day weekend. Got up early this morning and we walked the poodles minutes before it started pouring with rain. There is nothing worse than wet or house bound poodles. I managed to get myself back into a better mental state. This week was very draining work wise. Got the tasks that needed to be done, pushed out to both the team and our customers.

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A Little Bit of Wind

Alert Level: Four Day: 14 Yesterday the weather turned a bit grey and windy. Up here it gets quite windy. It was noticeable with this change the lack of many families with dogs walking. I quite enjoyed the quiet walks without the many distractions for my boys. We ventured out this morning for a short walk as it was raining pretty hard. Clearing up now though so hopefully only the dedicated are out again.

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Tired of Running

Alert Level: Four Day: 13 I’m not so much in the mood for writing tonight. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas running around my head for what I want to work on over the Easter break to enhance my website. Things I want to do to the website this weekend: Write the about page. Construct the archive page. Consolidate all the posts from my previous websites on the archive page.

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What's Next?

Alert Level: Four Day: 12 While I’ve been isolating for 19 days now, the country has been in the Alert Four lockdown for 12 days but it looks like that we’re being advised not to set ourselves high expectations that we’ll be coming out of this after the original four weeks. Even if the alert level was dropped down to three we would still be in heavy restrictions of social contact, lots of shops will remain closed and most business that can operate remotely will continue to do so.

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Dark Wolverine

Alert Level: Four Day: 11 I’m mostly caught up with Marvel Unlimited new releases at the moment so I spent some time over the weekend reading back issues. One that came up in suggestions was Dark Wolverine which was a run during the Dark Reign event where superheroes were out and supervillains were in. If you were not aware, Wolverine lived for a time in Japan with his wife and they had a son, Daken.

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Bad Boys for Life

Alert Level: Four Day: 10 Even in lockdown, the weekends seem to go quicker than ever. Clocks go back an hour tomorrow so there is that bonus. I will be getting up early to get the smoker started before walking the dogs. Today was pretty low effort. Got up walked the dogs, jumped back in bed to read some comics in between snoozing. The dogs do love a good sleep in, as long as they’ve been walked and fed.

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Alert Level: Four Day: 9 Thank heck it’s Friday. I’m settling in for the evening with a couple cans of Behemoth Brewing thank heck that they’re classified as an essential service otherwise I’d be severly out of sorts. It has been a wild week and looking forward to the weekend. I’ve gotta make sure that I watch Bad Boys 3. Still suprised at people out on walks don’t care about social distancing and would rather walk right through us and the three dogs.

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Please Pick a Side or Run From Your Boy

Alert Level: Four Day: 8 Changing up the post titles so that the page is not a stream of Covid-19, lol. I’m still enjoying the extended working from home. Sometimes being able to take a timeout while having to deal with a difficult or challenging situation is a lot easier when you can easily get up and move away from the computer. I spent a lot of time thinking about Cities: Skylines today and couldn’t wait to jump on and try out some new ideas I got from watching a few videos.

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Covid-19 Lockdown Day 7

Alert Level: Four Day: 7 Sun was out today, hung washing on the line. It wasn’t warm enough so had to finish off in the dryer. Disappointing. In other news, comics to be specific, Marvel Comics will not be releasing any new comics, physically or digitally this week and in the future. Diamond Comic Distributors who have the monopoly on the distribution of single-issue comics to local comic book stores across the world has suspended distribution.

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Covid-19 Lockdown Day 6

Alert Level: Four Day: 6 I’m getting on top of not jumping on the work computer as soon as I’m done with breakfast in the morning. It is definitely making my mornings less rushed. I’m enjoying recovering the commute time as my own time. I was shocked and surprised this afternoon by the number of people at the local park up the road. The number of cars driving to it, unpacking bikes like nothing was going on in the world!

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Covid-19 Lockdown Day 5

Alert Level: Four Day: 5 Right, so today was nicer than it was all weekend in that the sun was out. We got up just after 5:30 am this morning to get a headstart of every one else in walking the dogs with the streets to ourselves. Much less stressful than over the weekend. By the time midday rolled around and I needed a break from work we head out for another walk, and managed to avoid all other dog walkers.

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Comic Book Pull List March 2020

Bit of a miss with the pull list this month with comic book shops around the world unable to operate… I have a number of issues at my local store, and a few issues secured from other stores hopefully, time will tell… Totally missed out putting the X-Men Fantastic Four run on my list so have had to track down the first two issues from Ebay, and then there was a problem with my foward shipping address.

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Covid-19 Lockdown Day 4

Alert Level: Four Day: 4 Continued to rain over night, the dogs didn’t want anything to do with anything that meant that they had to go outside. The sun came out after 2pm so we took the opportunity to walk them, along with every other family who has a dog in the neighbourhood… I have a hard time understanding where these dogs were during the non quarantine days, did they not just get walked at all?

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Covid 19 Lockdown Day 3

Alert Level: Four Day: 3 It has continued to rain. I enjoyed not having to do much and spent some much needed time on the couch watching television shows. Now I look forward to a good nights sleep. Stay safe, stay clean, be kind, stay dry.

Covid 19 Lockdown Day 2

Alert Level: Four Day: 2 It’s raining. Only managed 2 dog walks today. The first one was quite stressful as we had a number of non dog walkers walking around like it ain’t nothing and not making way while the dogs were barking at other dogs walking the other way while we were walking. Doesn’t help calm the mind… People can be dicks. Spent the night with the wife and the flatmate listening to top tunes through the ages, backwards.

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Covid 19 Lockdown Begins

Alert Level: Four Day: 1 New Zealand has entered Alert Level 4 at 11:59pm 25/03/2020. So I suppose this is technically day 1 of the full lockdown. I’m absolutely smashed after a mentally exhausting day at work. Is it still considered being at work? I’m hoping that it will slow down a bit once everyone gets used to the new situation. We walked the dogs three times today, managed to avoid the usual drama with other dogs passing by which was nice as it makes the walks so much more enjoyable.

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Covid-19: State Of Emergency declared in New Zealand

Alert Level: Three New Zealand is now in a State of National Emergency, after 50 new cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus were confirmed today, brining the total to 205 At 12:21pm the country has entered a state of emergency, as advised by Prime Minsiter Jacinda Ardern This bizarre global situation continues to unfold every day. Today started like the last two days, slightly later as I took an opportunity to sleep in for 40 minutes before the dogs started whinging to get going.

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Covid-19 Lockdown Setup

Alert Level: Three I’m exhausted! And it’s only day 2 of working from home. Hah. Thankfully my wife is now also able to work from home as well, I helped set up her work from home space last night. We’re lucky that we have a fairly large house and can have separate work from home spaces. It’s been fun meeting in the kitchen to make coffee and tea and catch up throughout the day.

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Covid-19 Anticipating the Lockdown

Alert Level: Three So, New Zealand went into COVID-19 Alert Level 3. Within 48 hours the country will be shifting to Alert Level 4 with a nationwide lockdown. It was inevitable that it was going to happen as we started preparing last week. I guess it just hadn’t hit me until now just how crazy this whole situation is. I am glad that it appears that everyone is taking this pandemic seriously.

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Calm Before the Storm

Yet another week flies by as if it was nothing. The main highlights was visiting the markets. Saturday we got up early (not as early as during the week) to walk the dogs and head down to the riverbank markets where we collect our vegetables, milk, eggs, bread for the week and a pastry to go with my coffee later on. This is what I absolutely love about the weekend.

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Bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels, yeah

I was thinking about skateboarding today and these are the moves that I think are cool. Darkslide Kickflip Frontslide Flip Ollie Pressure Flip 360 flip Nose slide Pop Shuvit Hardflip I think flip tricks are awesome, when you see them executed, they look like magic.

Godzilla fire spitter monster

Changing the duvet cover on a super king duvet is super infuriating. No matter which way I try, it never seems to fit. Argh!

Comic Book Pull List February 2020

What a huge month for X-Men releases. Went a bit overboard on the Wovlerine variants. Some of those covers were just too cool not to pick up, Can’t hurt to grab a couple of a #1 Wolverine book right? Can’t wait to read it when it hits digital, lol. This month we see the first of Hickman’s Giant-Size X-Men book, starting off with Jean Grey and Emma Frost! fLaMEd’s Comic Book Pull List #5 (February 2020) Marauders #7 Excalibur #7 X-Force #7 X-Men #6 Marauders #8 New Mutants #7 Wolverine #1 Wolverine #1 Alex Ross Variant Wolverine #1 Silva Variant Wolverine #1 Rahzzah Party Variant Wolverine #1 Chip Kidd Die Cut Variant Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1 New Mutants #8 X-Force #8 X-Men #7

Poodles In the Garden

I use the term garden loosely as it leaves a lot to be desired. At least when the sun is out the dogs enjoy being out there. At least they can’t wreck it I guess.

A Thought On Littering

I was walking back to the office this morning and was waiting at the crossing to cross safely as I do. As I was standing there a guy blatantly dropped a chocolate bar wrapper on the ground as if it was nothing. I approached him as I did not appreciate him doing this and asked him why did he drop the wrapper on the ground? “I didn’t mean to”, he replied.

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Comic Book Pull List January 2020

Well, January isn’t waiting for anyone, can’t believe that we’re already one month down of 2020. I think this is the last of the Fallen Angels story. I heard it wasn’t the greatest. Hopefully Psylocke will be used elsewhere. fLaMEd’s Comic Book Pull List #4 (January 2020) Marauders #5 Excalibur #5 Fallen Angels #5 New Mutants #5 X-Force #5 Excalibur #6 Marauders #6 Fallen Angels #6 New Mutants #6 X-Force #6 X-Men #5

Flamed Fury 2020

Hello Internet, it’s been a while. Over the last couple of months I have been both thinking and reading a lot about what the Internet means to me.

Comic Book Pull List December 2019

Damn what a month What a way to wrap up 2019, not to mention the pocket money I had to save to clear the shelf! fLaMEd’s Comic Book Pull List #3 (December 2019) X-Men #3 Excalibur #3 Marauders #3 New Mutants #3 X-Force #3 Fallen Angels #3 X-Men #4 New Mutants #4 Excalibur #4 Marauders #4 X-Force #4 Fallen Angels #4

Comic Book Pull List November 2019

The Dawn of X House of X / Powers of X have wrapped up Jonathan Hickman’s reboot of the X-Men franchise and set the story seeds for the next 30 years. November sees the launch of many new X-Men titles and continuation of the main X-Men book (X-Men DX) and Marauders and Excalibur. A lot is going story-wise, and I can’t wait to catch up when they hit the digital shelves on Marvel Unlimited.

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