All About fLaMEd!

Hey, Iā€™m fLaMEd šŸ‘‹, I have been a citizen of the Internet since 1996. I love the Internet, but not all things about the Internet.

I have a huge dislike for the current commercialisation and walled garden silo approach of the modern Internet.

I’ve got big plans for turning this website into a personal website rather than a chronological list of posts.

Stuff I Like

The following section breifly details things I like and enjoy.

Fitness šŸ’Ŗ

I’ve been training at a gym in one form or another consistantly over the last decade.

I enjoy a mix of both weights, metcons and high intensity cardio training. I am always mixing it up to keep it interesting.

I feel out of sorts if I don’t get some form of exercise through out my day.

Reading šŸ“–

I’ve always been a big reader, mostly fiction, sci-fi, fantasy.

Books šŸ“š

My favourite authors of all time based on the sheer number of books that I’ve read by them in no particular order are:

I’m also partial to reading non fiction books too, usually biographies, self written books about famous people I like.

Comics šŸ“œ

I enjoy reading comic books. I am a big Marvel fan, and the X-Men are my favourite team, has been since the 90’s when I first started getting into them.

I read comics almost exclusively on Marvel Unlimited but I also enjoy collecting single issues. I have a stack of Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor from the late 80s early 90s that I inherited from an uncle and I am slowly filling in the gaps. I am currently collecting the House of X / Powers of X / Dawn of X run that is being published at the moment. Check out my comics page.

I have a stack of Fleer Ultra X-Men cards from the 90s and looking to track down the 2018 set. Might be an expensive exercise as I missed the boat when they were released.

Articles on the Internet šŸ“‘

I’m forever stuck in multiple browser windows open, each with dozens of tabs at any one time. These are filled with articles that I collect from all over the place and are almost always full of interesting things relating to the web and internet culture. Check out my bookmarks page.

You can check out what I’m currently reading on my now page.

Under Construction šŸš§

This page is a living document. I will update as I have time. Updates will be noted in the section below.


07/06/2020 - wrote first version of the page.