Alert Level 3 Day 1 in Review

Alert Level: Three Day: 34

I have no idea whether this is day 34 or 35 of the lockdown but I’m sticking with 34.

We played around with the idea of takeaways yesterday but decided against as we had food to cook at home.

Hah, seems like we were the only household that didn’t rush out and spend all day in lines 😂

Kiwis frothing for Maccas Eastgate, Christchurch - ALDEN WILLIAMS/STUFF

Kiwis frothing for KFC in Christchurch- ALDEN WILLIAMS/STUFF

Kiwis getting their Maccas fix in Napier - John Cowpland / Alphapix

KFC Hamilton awwww yeah - STUFF


Maccas Quay St Auckland - STUFF

I didn’t realise how hungry everyone was!

As much as I’d love a Quarter Pounder and McChicken with fries from Maccas, it can wait 😂

Damn. Stay safe, stay sane!